Subversive DevOps

In my years as a DevOps advocate and practitioner I have talked to thousands of engineers and executives in hundreds of companies. In many cases they shared their frustrations with the lack of progress or enthusiasm for the DevOps initiatives that they were tasked with leading or implementing. This phenomenon is especially stark in larger … Continue reading Subversive DevOps

The DevOps Transformation Speed Bump

In my role as a DevOps advocate, practitioner and teacher I often find myself talking to companies when they are partway through a DevOps transformation, but things have seemingly stopped progressing or even begun to go backwards. I've come to call this the DevOps Speed Bump - because it is usually exactly that - a … Continue reading The DevOps Transformation Speed Bump

Leading a DevOps Movement

DevOps is a cultural phenomenon. While automation tools and processes all play a part, the most important aspect is the culture. Without culture, all the commonly touted DevOps tools and tricks will fall flat. If you hope to lead lasting and meaningful change in your organisation, it will start - and ultimately end - with … Continue reading Leading a DevOps Movement